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What Causes My Steering Wheel To Shake At High Speeds?

What causes my steering wheel to shake at high speeds? Someone from our reader asks us this question, well the problem is usually because of loose or faulty front-end components. But it may also be a result of overinflated tires.

How to determine what causes vibration in the steering wheel?
The first thing to check is the tire pressure because it is the easiest to do, using the tire pressure gauge to check the tire pressure of the front tire. Compare the reading to the value indicated on the vehicle owner’s manual. If the reading is significantly higher than the recommended value then an overinflated tire is causing the steering wheel to shake. Tires that are over-inflated will not hug the road well which has a tendency to bounce around while the car is driven, the bouncing will then be transferred to the steering wheel especially during high speeds.

However, if the tire pressure is the same as the recommended value then overinflation is not a problem but rather loose or faulty front end components like that of the tie rod end, ball joints, and control arms.

Possible cause of steering shakes
1. Over-inflated tires.
2. Lose front-end components.

What to do?
Over-inflated tires
If you identify that the problem is the over-inflated front tire just correct the tire pressure according to the requirement of the car manufacturer. Let some air loose on each front tire to be equal to the pressure indicated on the car owner’s manual. Usually, there is a sticker of tire label placard located on the driver side of the car, it indicates the correct inflation pressure according to the loading requirements of the car.

How to Check Tire Air Pressure
The tire tread life will be reduced if the tire air pressure of your car is below the car manufacturer's tire air pressure specified on your car owner’s manual.
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Loose front end components
If the problem is a loose front-end component then bring the car to the repair shop, ask the mechanic to check the front-end parts for any loose and repair or replace if necessary.

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