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Car Starts but Engine Sputters While Starting

When turning the ignition key the car starts but the engine sputters while starting, also the car wont start.

How to check the reason of engine sputter while starting

1. Start the car, obviously it sputters during starting. Observe the car if the engine sputters at idling.
2. Rev up the engine and start driving the car. Observe if the engine sputter still occur.
3. Drive the car in various speeds. Observe if the engine continue sputtering.
4. Record the findings, then diagnose based on the following.

If the car engine sputters at starting and on idling, but then stop when you rev up the engine and start driving. Then the possible cause of engine sputtering is a valve that is not functioning properly.

But. if the sputtering occur also while driving but not in most speeds, then the reason for engine sputtering is the problem on the fuel injection system.

Possible cause of engine Sputtering while starting

1. Bad Valves
2. Problem with fuel injection system

How to fix engine sputtering

1. Bad Valves. 
A valve works is necessary, however this kind of work has an expensive procedure. You are lucky if your car is still under warranty just bring it to the dealer to fixed the problem, if not then bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop that specializes in this type of work but shop around for the best price.

2. Problem on Fuel Injection System. 
Fuel injection system is very complex and is difficult to diagnose, you’ll need a mechanic that is expert on this kind of work. If a mechanic tells you that your car needs a new fuel injection, don’t decide yet seek first for a second opinion. Normally, the problem for the fuel injection system is only the sensors and not the fuel injection system itself and can easily be determined by a skilled mechanic.

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