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Engine Won’t Start At High Temperature

When you start the engine the car won’t start and this happens only when the engine temperature is extremely hot. An engine that won’t start when the temperature is extremely high is an indication of a problem that related with the solenoid.

Solenoid is a switch that activates the starter when you turn on the car ignition key, usually the reason why the solenoid do not function as it used to be, is that when it gets extremely hot.
Now, what makes the solenoid to get extremely hot?

Well, this can cause by an extremely hot engine, when an engine gets hot it will radiates heat outward and this heat will be absorbed by other parts or components which included the solenoid, thus making the solenoid to fail and will not function during car starting.

Possible Cause of Engine not Starting at High Temperature

Extremely hot solenoid

How to Fix Engine not Starting at High Temperature

There is nothing much to do in this situation than to wait for the engine and the solenoid to cools down, then start your car again. However, to prevent this kind of problem form occurring again, consider installing a heat shield around the solenoid to prevent it from absorbing the heat that comes from the car engine especially when the engine is extremely hot.

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