Car Shakes While Clutch Pedal is Release

Coming from a stop, the car shakes when the clutch pedal is released for manual transmission. Manual transmission is a very complex part, without actual inspection of the transmission by a professional it is very difficult to determine what the exact cause of the problem is.

However, based the actual experience we can only determine the possible cause of the problem. This kind of problem is possibly cause by a loose engine/transmission bolts or a faulty clutch disc.

Engine/transmission bolts is the one that keeps the engine and the transmission to become stable while connected with each other, when one of the bolt is loose the transmission will vibrates, the vibration is enough to be noticeable and cause the entire car to shake while the clutch engage from a stop.

Same as above case when the clutch disc is faulty, it can cause the entire car to shake. As you may know when the clutch is released, the clutch will be pressed against the flywheel that is connected on the engine to allow the transfer of engine power to the transmission. If the clutch is faulty it can cause uneven contact with the flywheel, in this case vibration will occur between the two parts which is severe enough to be felt from the entire car.

Possible Cause of Car Shaking

Loose engine/transmission bolts or faulty clutch disc

How to fix car shakes while clutch pedal is release

To fix the problem there are no other option but to bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop that specialized in manual transmission and ask the mechanic to inspect the transmission assembly to determined the exact cause of the problem.

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