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Faulty Fuel Pressure Regulator Causes Car to Stall

Car trouble symptom

While you were driving your car it suddenly stalls.

Car troubleshooting

When a car stalls while driving the first fault that we think of is related to a car having a fuel problem. There are two possible reason that can cause the stalling problem, if the car stall when the engine is extremely hot then this means that the problem is a vapor lock, vapor lock occurs when the fuel is burned (due to abnormally hot engine) before it gets into the engine combustion chambers.

However, if the car stalling occurs at any engine temperature then the problem is the fuel pressure regulators. All fuel-injected engines have a part called a “fuel pressure regulator”, this device is the one that maintains the fuel pressure on every fuel injectors. As usual, when there is a problem with this part the engine will be starved of fuel, and if this happens the car will stall.

How to Fix Faulty Pressure Regulator

Bring your car to the auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to check the fuel pressure regulator. If the mechanic confirms that the pressure regulator is faulty then there is no other option but to replace the parts. Your mechanic might suggest replacing other parts that are related to the problem, do not agree with the mechanic suggestion, just stick to replacing the faulty pressure regulator then observe first if the problem will get fixed, if not then that’s the time to consider your mechanic advice in replacing other parts rather than fuel pressure regulator.

Car Stalling at Idle

For a car with fuel injection stalling during idling is either caused by a bad idle air bypass valve, bad cold start valve, bad fuel pressure regulator.

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