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Blue Smoke from Exhaust When Accelerating

Car trouble symptoms
Blue smoke from exhaust comes out when accelerating.

Car problem diagnosis
Blue smoke during acceleration is an indication of a worn valve stem seals. Valve stem seal prevent oil from entering the combustion chamber, if the seal is worn or gone bad, oil will get past the valve stem into the combustion chamber. In this case the oil inside the combustion chamber will be burned and blue smoke will comes out the exhaust.

Possible cause of blue smoke when accelerating
Bad valve stem seals.

How to fix blue smoke from exhaust of car
Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and have the mechanic to check the valve stem seal and replaced if necessary. You are lucky if your car is under warranty because you will be covered if not then you are facing a costly repair. Just replacing the valve stem seals usually corrects the problem, however if the problem of blue smoke from exhaust while accelerating still occur then you’ll need a complete valve repair job and as I’ve said it will cost you a lot.

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