Don't Fall for These 3 Car Insurance Myths

Car insurance is the sine qua non of car ownership. As much of a hassle it may be sometimes, lacking coverage is even worse, which is why any responsible driver or owner will get the best insurance they can get.

Unfortunately, the car insurance world is surrounded by a number of misconceptions and urban legends. Where they originate from is unclear, but they are swirling about out there. What are some of the more common myths? Read on to find out:

1. Red cars cost more to insure
. The reality is they don’t cost more to insure than any other color of car, even though they may be a little more eye-catching than other vehicles. The reason this can be claimed is that no study has been performed on car color and how much insurance costs for various colors. Further, car insurance companies simply don’t ask what color your car is. This myth may originate in the fact that red cars are most typically associated with sports cars throughout the history of vehicles.

2. Thieves are more likely to steal new cars. Actually, thieves prefer to steal older cars. The reason for this is that there is greater demand for their parts on the black market, which makes them more profitable to thieves. In 2011, for example, the NICB found the 1994 Honda Accord was the most commonly stolen vehicle. The truth is that car thieves make more money by selling all of the parts individuals than by stealing and selling the entire vehicle. Surprising, no?

3. A lapse in coverage won’t raise your car insurance rates. While more states are making it illegal to have no car insurance at all, the simple fact remains even a one-day lapse in coverage can result in you having higher car insurance rates. People who allow lapses in coverage are looked at as being a higher level of risk than those who keep coverage at all times.

These are three common car insurance myths. If you are looking for car transport services, be sure the company providing the services has insurance too! To speak directly with an auto transporter with over 20 years of experience, check out Direct Connect Auto Transport.

Direct Connect is a carrier that knows how to handle specialty jobs, such as classic cars and luxury vehicles, so if you need to move your Lamborghini door to door while still getting some sleep between the time you see it off and the time you receive it at the destination, we are always there when you need us!

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