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Used Car Problems You Might Experience

These are just a few of the many problems you might encounter when buying a used car. Always check the car thoroughly when buying a used car to avoid these problems.

Like all the rest of us, you've lived through several crisis years and know how difficult these economic times are, and as a result, you’re probably struggling along with a used vehicle. You never know what you’re going to get – it could run with fewer flaws than a newer vehicle, or it could be worse. If you’re hearing unusual sounds or are experiencing other peculiar issues, you might be wondering whether it’s worth limping along with the problems or getting them fixed. Here are some problems your used auto might be experiencing right now:

Bad wheel bearing

If you hear a humming or whirring sound coming from the front of your vehicle, then you probably have a bad wheel bearing. The noise becomes more prominent whenever you speed up, but also when you turn the steering wheel to the left or right.

A damaged exhaust system

This is one of the easiest problems to diagnose. When you have a hole in your exhaust pipe, your car suddenly becomes loud – really loud. You might also hear a clunking or scraping noise, which means it's dragging on the ground.

A dead battery or bad alternator

This one’s fairly easy to detect too. You turn the key and nothing happens. In a used vehicle, you can typically expect this to be a dead battery at first. But, it could also be a bad alternator, which is responsible for charging the battery. If you have noticed your “Service Engine Soon” light flickering on and off, this either indicates a bad LED light or a bad alternator.

These are some common issues you could experience if you own a used vehicle. If you are running a vehicle transport company that transports used autos, make sure these and other problems are all accounted for. To speak directly with an auto shipping expert with over 20 years of experience, check out Direct Connect Auto Transport.

In all our years on the road, Direct Connect has built a reputation for professionalism when it comes to transporting particularly valuable and/or fragile vehicles, such as classic cars and luxury automobiles. Our covered carrier vans will make sure that your car will get from door to door in pristine condition, protected from precipitation, accidental or deliberate damage, and any other indignity at the hands of chance. If you have a prized luxury or classic car you need to be delivered intact and on time, Direct Connect is the auto shipper for you!

Things to Look for When Buying a Used Car
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