Reasons for Black Smoke from Exhaust of Car

Symptoms of car trouble
Black smoke from the exhaust of the car comes out while driving.

Troubleshooting car problems of black smoke
When the color of the smoke that comes out of the tailpipe is black it means that too much gas is being burned inside your car engine. Therefore we have to determine why the engine burned too much gas. Usually, when the engine burned too much gas it is caused by a clogged air filter, with that said the first thing to do is to verify if the air filter is clogged. Using your car manual locate the air filter, remove the filter and verify if there is a presence of dirt, if so, then this is the reason why black smoke comes out of the exhaust.

When there is black smoke from the exhaust it means that excess gas is being burned because there is not enough. When an air filter is clogged the air is restricted which means that there is not enough air going into the engine combustion chambers thus causing the air-fuel/ratio to become rich, or too much fuel is in the mixture.

To fix the problem you need to replace the air filter, you can buy these parts at any auto parts store.

If the air filter is clean and black smoke still comes out of the exhaust, then the possibility is that there is a problem with your car fuel injection system. A bad sensor on the system is most likely the cause of the problem sensors like throttle position sensors, engine coolant temperature sensor, and mass airflow sensor are likely problems. A fuel injection sensor gathers data that is used to calculate the amount of fuel to be injected into each cylinder of the car engine. When one of these sensors is faulty the data uses to calculate the amount of fuel will also be wrong likewise the air/fuel ratio causing the black smoke to comes out of the exhaust.

With that said bring the car to a shop and ask the mechanic to verify if the sensors are bad, the mechanic will use an engine analyzer to check the engine. Replace the sensor that is determined to be faulty.

Most likely cause of black smoke from the exhaust of your car problems: Clogged Air Filter, Bad Fuel Injection Sensors.

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