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Citroen DS4: A Shock Addition To Luxury Cars

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When dealing with the luxury end of the motoring trade, Citroen is not a name you expect to see very often. After all, the French manufacturer is heralded for providing modest cars for the modern family. However, there is one gem in their crown that has all the making of a far more stylish brand.
Before I start, the Citroen DS4 isn’t going to win awards for being the world’s best luxury vehicle. However, it’s a great option for the average driver wanting to experience a little slice of luxury. Likewise, it’s a worthy edition to any car collector that wants a hatchback suited to city life.

The first aspect to consider is the appearance. When it comes to a car’s style, external appearances are everything. Making a great first impression is vital, and the DS4 achieves this with ease. The standard body is very slick in itself. With the addition of a few basic accessories, you can easily produce that unique vibe that takes a car from bland to grand in an instant.

In brutal honesty, a lot of luxury manufacturers fail to find the right balance when it comes to hatchbacks. Make no mistake, there are some decent models out there such as the Mercedes A-Class. However, there’s no question that the majority of expensive hatchbacks feel a little underwhelming. If you’re going to spend that money, then you’d be better suited to a saloon or other type of car.

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This news doesn’t help if you’re specifically in the market for a hatchback, though. The DS4 doesn’t only look great on the outside, it feels great on the inside. The vehicle comes with a 7in media and sat-nav system. It boasts all the other comforts that you’d expect from a luxury motor, including rear parking sensors and dual climate control. For a relatively modest car, it certainly packs a punch.

One issue with many city cars is that they don’t have enough power to make driving fun. The 1.6l engine makes the DS4 more than capable of producing an exciting drive through the city. Moreover, it’s enough to the power that you don’t feel uneasy on the motorway. That added versatility is another reason that I absolutely love it.

The big seller for this car, though is the price. We all love a little luxury in life, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost an arm and a leg. At the Thames Motor Group, you can find the Citroen vehicle on a very pleasing deal indeed. Even if you only used it as a secondary motor, it’s well worth the investment.

However, this car is more than capable of eliciting an aura of class and style. This is in spite of a modest price and relatively modest performance. Citroen knows exactly what it wants this car to be. After half-a-decade of production, it’s safe to say that they have delivered on their mission statement.

We’ve already seen Volvo stake it’s claimed in the luxury saloon market. Although the DS4 is hardly a new addition to the Citroen line, perhaps it’s time to take it seriously as a high-class hatchback. Regardless of its price.

If you’re on the hunt for a stylish yet affordable hatchback, you cannot go wrong with the DS4. In all honesty, I’d make it one of the best cars of its ilk on the market.
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