Why Would a Manual Transmission Pops Out of Gear?

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Why Would a Manual Transmission Pops Out of Gear?

Why would a manual transmission pop out of gear? Well, while you are driving if the transmission pops out of gear even when you are not stepping on the clutch pedal.  It only means that there is a problem with the transmission.

Manual transmission diagnostic
Manual transmission is very complex that is why it is hard to diagnose the problems without seeing the actual transmission with a problem. This article will only provide the most likely possibilities that causing the transmission to pops out of gear.

Manual transmission problems like this have something to do with the shift linkage or input shaft, but there are also possible causes that can only be determined when the actual transmission is inspected. However, the problem is possibly caused by a faulty shift linkage or an excessive movement on the input shaft that can cause the transmission to pops out of gear.
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Possible reasons why manual transmission pops out of gear
1. Faulty or Worn out Shift linkage
2. Excessive Input Shaft Movement.

What to do?
The best thing to do is to seek out a reputable auto repair shop that specialized in manual transmissions and ask the mechanic to inspect and adjust first the shift linkage. If this does not solve the problem then the mechanic needs a thorough investigation of the problem and this will cost you a lot. You are lucky if your car is still under warranty because it will cover the cost of any works on your car that will incur during transmission repair.

Manual Transmission Hard to Shift Into First Gear
From a stop, the manual transmission hard to shift into first gear, but no grinding sound is heard. If this problem happens to you it only indicates a severely misadjusted clutch linkage.

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