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What can cause a spongy brake pedal?

What can cause a spongy brake pedal? Spongy brake pedal is when the brake pedal is press it feels soft like sponge, usually the normal brake pedal is firm when you press your foot on the pedal during braking.

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During braking when the driver press the brake pedal the brake fluid will be forces through the brake lines going into the brakes to make the car stop. If the brake is properly functioning without any problem at all, the brake pedal feels solid and firm because the brake fluid will be compress. If the brake pedal is soft or somewhat spongy then it means that there is a presence of air in the brake lines.

The possible reason why air gets into the brake lines is if there is a work done on the brakes and the brake is not properly bleed as it should be. Another possible reason is that there is leak somewhere in the brake lines that allows the air to get inside.

Possible cause of spongy brake pedal
Presence of air in the brake lines

What to do?
Bring the car to the repair shop and ask the mechanic to check the brake lines for any leaks, if the lines are good and no leaks then the next thing to do is to bleed the brake lines to remove the air present on the system.

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