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BJ20 New SUV Introduced in the Philippines


Finally, it’s here, the new BJ20, though new in its class here in the Philippines it's long been available in China. Also exported in Germany, Belgium, and Mexico not so long ago, this compact SUV is pack with features that is available only on most high-end cars to ensure safety and comfort to the driver and the passengers.

BJ20 is powered by a Euro 5, Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi's 1.5 turbo VVT gasoline engine with MIVEC DOHC mechanism that strictly follows technical requirements and verification standards of Mitsubishi. The 1.5 engine provides a maximum power of 100 kW at 6000 rpm just enough to meet a 170 kph top speed and a maximum torque of 210 Nm at 2000 rpm to be able to climb a grade with a 35% rise.

Safety Features
Passive Entry / Passive Start
Hands-free access allows the user to automatically lock and unlock the car doors by pressing the door handle button. Start system allows starting the vehicle without the use of a mechanical key by just pressing the start-stop button. Both provide comfort to the driver by locking/unlocking and starting the vehicle without taking the key out of the pocket.

Anti-lock Brake System and Electronic Brake Distribution
Prevents wheel lockup to maintain controllability of the vehicle in the event of emergency braking, and automatically distribute brake force proportional to the wheels that needed a much higher amount of brake force to maximize brake efficiency and controllability.

Electronic Stability Program
Similar to Vehicle Dynamic Control, this feature of BJ20 detects driver’s intention according to the steering wheel or the vehicle speed and compare to the actual vehicle body condition such as sideslip, and if there is a deviation between driver intention and body condition ESP will selectively apply braking force to the wheel to improve the driving stability.

Brake Assist
In the event of emergency braking or panic braking, it helps the driver to apply a full braking force on the wheels to stop the vehicle at a short distance.

Traction Control
This feature of BJ20 is applicable especially on our road condition which is most of the time is always wet due to rain, because of traction control the driven wheel is prevented from losing traction especially on a wet surface,s and helps the vehicle during acceleration.

Hill Hold Control
Some driver’s especially those new in driving losses confidence to drive on slope road. But with BJ20 it is not the case anymore because of the Hill Hold Control feature the driver will gain confidence driving on a sloping road because they know that in the event that the vehicle stop on a sloping road the Hill Hold Control prevents the vehicle from rolling backward for a certain period when the driver's foot transfer from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal to start the vehicle roll upward.

Baic BJ20 SUV
Auto Hold Parking System
Driving in a stop and go traffic is very stressful and exhausting to any driver especially when the driver’s foot keeps on depressing the brake pedal, with auto hold parking the convenience of driving in stop and go traffic without stressing the foot is made possible. Once the auto-hold parking is activated, if the driver depresses the brake pedal to a full stop in the event of traffic the vehicle will not move even when the driver's foot is released from the brake pedal and give it a rest. The vehicle will start to move only when the accelerator pedal is depressed.

Engine Immobilizer and Alarm System
BJ20 is equipped with an immobilizer that prevents the vehicle from starting without the use of the coded key, also in the event of forced entry the vehicle will make noise, and lights will start to flash to alert people nearby that the vehicle is forcibly opened.

Parking Sensor and Reverse Camera
Maneuvering into tight parking area without any assistance is made easy because of the availability of Parking Sensor and the Reverse Camera, therefore parking into the tight area is not difficult for BJ20 because it has front and rear parking sensor that warns the driver when an obstruction is detected plus a reverse camera image displayed on a 10.1-inch screen for a better view of the rear while backing.

BJ20 uses a Xenon headlamp with automatic height adjustment, Xenon lamp discharges high-intensity lights that provide a perfect side illumination. The headlamp will last longer as the vehicle life compared to the conventional headlights.


The taillights are a full LED type which provides better visibility to the vehicle rear end.

More notable features of BJ20

Tilt steering wheel
The steering wheel of the BJ20 can be adjusted to the position that best suited the driver's comfortable position.

6-way adjustable driver seat
The driver side seat is can be to adjust into the 6-way direction as recline to front and rear, slide to front and rear, and cushion height adjusts to up and down position.

BJ20 also equipped with a compass, barometer, altimeter, and declinator.
Headlight washers
Since the BJ20 uses a Xenon type headlamp that produces high-intensity lights, it is a requirement to have headlight washers. The purpose is to prevent the headlamp from producing glare because of the small particles that go into the lens that obstruct the lights.

Daytime running light
With the daytime running light the BJ20 is more visible for the pedestrians during the daytime, it provides added safety not only to the driver but also to the pedestrians.

Power Mirror
The side mirror of the BJ20 can easily be adjusted from inside without rolling down the window, it is very useful especially when raining and when driving alone because you don't need to reach in on the passenger side to adjust the right side mirror.

Anti-pinch window
All four windows of the BJ20 luxury version have an anti-pinch window, this prevents anyone especially kids to accidentally get pinched when the window rolls up.

Disc brake on Front and Rear
Having a disc brake on the rear is an advantage, especially when the vehicle passes through the flooded area the water has a lesser effect on the disc brake than that of the drum brake.

18’ Alloy wheel
The 18-inch alloy wheel makes the BJ20 looks bolder and bigger, and it helps in providing a ground clearance of 215 mm.

Electric power steering
The electric power steering provides much bigger assistance especially when the vehicle is slow making it easy to maneuver during parking and provides lesser assist when the vehicle is at high speed to make the steering more stable during highway driving. The electric power steering also improves fuel economy because it will only use power when the steering wheel is turning.

Electronic parking brake
The electronic parking brake of BJ20 holds firmly than the conventional or cable type parking brake, plus the adjustments are less overtime.

Puddle lights
The puddle lights provide you a better view of the roadside when entering or exiting the BJ20. It will automatically lit when the door is open or when the remote key button is press to lock or unlock.

Follow me home
This feature of BJ20 is useful especially when your parking area is dark at night after you turn off the engine then step outside and lock the vehicle the headlight will stay lit for a few minutes to provide lights while you make your way to your house.

Door auto-lock when driving
It is dangerous if you forget to lock your vehicle door while running on the road. With BJ20 automatic lock feature will ensure that your vehicle door is always locked while driving.

Door auto unlock on a collision
In the event of a collision, BJ20 has a feature that will unlock the doors to ensure that emergency personnel will not have a hard time rescuing passengers that is trap inside.

Side mirror defogger
Driving under the rain at night is very difficult especially when the side mirror is full of moisture, with the BJ20 the side mirror includes a defogger which ensures that the side mirror provides high visibility of the site traffic even when driving under the rain.

Cruise control
Cruise control provides comfort during long driving, once set it keeps the vehicle at a constant speed without depressing the accelerator pedal, giving your foot a much-needed rest during long driving.

Now, with those features mentioned, what else can you ask for?
Most features that are necessary for a vehicle to have, the BJ20 have it all.

Watch out for the upcoming review of the BJ20 performance on the road, till next time...subscribed to received update via email. The features of the BJ20 specified in this article is available at the time the content was made and may be changed without prior notice.

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