5 Reasons to Change Your Vehicle

A car’s performance can determine your health and safety, which is why you must ensure you drive a safe and reliable car. To help you spot any warning signs, we are offering five reasons why you should consider changing your vehicle.

Warning Lights on Your Control Panel

The lights on your car’s control panel will often turn on once you start an engine, and will disappear within a few seconds. However, if one warning light doesn’t turn off, you could have a big problem with your vehicle. The size of the issue will be determined by the light that refuses to turn off. If you have a light that won’t turn off, we strongly advise you to visit a mechanic to identify the cause and provide a solution.

Engine Problems

Every car should operate both smoothly and quietly, even when you’re driving the vehicle. However, choking and bouncing sounds is unfortunately a sign that your car has a serious problem that should be immediately addressed. Never ignore the noises and take the vehicle to a nearby mechanic. Regular maintenance can often prevent engine problems. Unfortunately, a mechanic might not be able to provide a solution, so you might need to say goodbye to the car and invest in a new or used vehicle, such as the dependable Ford Fiesta.

Unusual Sounds

Has your car started to produce unusual engine noises? We hate to be the bringer of bad news, but your vehicle might be seriously damaged. For instance, a rattling, clanging sound could indicate there is an issue with the engine cylinders. It is imperative you take the vehicle to an experienced mechanic; otherwise, it could place you, your passengers and the public in a dangerous situation.

Do you hear a scraping noise when you start the engine? Your ignition system could be destroyed, which you should immediately replace or repair. However, it can be an expensive and challenging job. Depending on the current health and life of a vehicle, it might be wise to cut your losses and change your car.

Unpleasant Smells

Unpleasant vehicle smells could be a sign of a problem with either the oil tank or exhaust system. If so, try to avoid driving for long periods of time and ensure you keep your windows open as you drive. The smell of burning tires could indicate the engine belts are slowly becoming destroyed.

Smoke Signals

Smoke appearing from either the front or back of the car is never a good sign. The color of the smoke can also determine the cause of the problem. For example, blue smoke often means your car might need some more oil. Ensure you resolve the problem by adding more motor oil to prevent damaging your vehicle.

Never drive for long distances if you experience any of the above issues. Take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic to identify the cause of the problem and provide a solution. If in doubt, it might be time to say goodbye to the vehicle and invest in a new or used car.

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