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How to Fix Spongy Brake

Soft Spongy Brake Pedal

How to Fix Spongy Brakes

When you step on the brake, the pedal feels spongy or if you feel a soft spongy brake it means there is a problem with your brake. Do you know what can cause a soft spongy brake pedal? A soft spongy brake pedal is a brake pedal which when the brake pedal is depressed it feels soft like a sponge.

Usually, the normal brake pedal is firm when you press your foot on it when you apply the brake. During braking when you press your foot on the brake pedal the brake fluid will be forced through the brake lines , because of hydraulic pressure, going into the brake to make the car stop. If the brake is properly functioning without any problem at all, the brake pedal feels solid and firm because the brake fluid will be compressed.

Brakes Making Noise When Stopping
When you step down on brake pedal, if is it fairly low then the brake pad wear sensor is the one making a squealing noise. Most brake pads have something called a wear sensor - a thin piece of metal connected to the pad.
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If the brake pedal is soft or somewhat spongy then it means that there is a presence of air in the brake lines. The possible reason why air gets into the brake lines is when there is a work done on the brakes the brake is not properly bleed. Every time a work is done on the brake line the brake should be bled. Also, another reason is when you have a leaking brake somewhere in the brake lines or the wheel cylinder which allows the air to get inside the brake lines.

Possible cause of Soft Spongy Brake

1. There is a presence of air in the brake lines
2. The brake pads are too thin.
3. Worn out brake tubes and Hoses.

How to fix spongy brake pedal? Bleed the brakes, replace pads or hoses.
The question is how did the air get inside the brake lines? If there is previously brake repair worked on, the mechanic did not bleed the system to remove the air, but if no previous work is done on the system, there might be leaks somewhere in the system that allows the air to get inside the brake system also, the system will have low brake fluid. Bring the car to the repair shop and ask the mechanic to check the brake lines for any leaks, if the lines are good and no leaks ask the mechanic to bleed the system.

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