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Which Brands Are The Most Reliable?

Cars, like any form of machinery, are prone to problems and breakdowns. It’s just a fact of life. Very rarely is there something we can do to prevent certain problems from happening. Whether it’s transmission failure or faulty engine, we just have to take these issues as they come and repair them as necessary.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you’re completely powerless. Some car brands and manufacturers are inherently more reliable than others - the numbers don’t lie! With any car, you will have problems - that much is certain. But buying the right brand can cut the amount of those problems drastically.

Which car brands are the most reliable?

Different people will offer you different answers to that question, so there’s no definitive answer. If I buy the most reliable car in the world then drive it off a cliff, is it still reliable? Well, yes, but it’s also wrecked. All we can do is take the information that’s offered to us and decide what to do with it. So, here’s the information!
Firstly, there’s the Mini. Everyone loves the classic look and feel of this car, but it’s what’s under the hood that counts! The Mini Cooper S was critically praised for its superb build quality and strong chassis and engine. A car can look as nice as you like, but if the components under the hood aren’t stellar, it won’t be reliable.

Mini Cooper Image Credit

Whenever you hear stories of car problems or cars being recalled, you never hear the name ‘Mini’ in those sentences. That speaks volumes to their quality. There’s another benefit here, too. Mini’s are generally rather affordable and make an ideal first-time car. Keep both eyes peeled if you ever drive past a CooperMini showroom!

Next on the list is Lexus, a more luxurious division of Japanese manufacturer Toyota. Lexus is mainly known for its reliability, and how quietly the vehicles themselves run. Japanese cars, in general, are known for their small running costs and strong builds, and this is no different.

Lexus Image credit

The Lexus RX, in particular, was praised for its reliability, and across the board, this is generally the case. Although, since Lexus is considered a more luxurious, expensive brand, it won’t be for everybody.

Speaking of Japanese manufacturers, Mazda is also another reliable car brand. If you’re after a family-sized car, then Mazda is probably your best bet, with most rides offering a lot of space.

Mazda CX3 Image credit

The Mazda CX-3 in particular, with its low fuel consumption, is a great choice. Reliability is also a question of running costs, and here, they’re quite low.

And that just about does it! Hopefully, this post has helped you choose your next, or first, vehicle. It’s important that our cars are reliable and trustworthy, in order to reduce the number of long-term costs. So the next time you’re shopping, don’t just consider how the car looks, or how nice the seats are. Consider what the brand name means to you, and to the world. It’s an expensive purchase, so make it a good one!

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