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Steering Wheel Vibration at High Speed

Steering Wheel Vibration at High Speed

Steering wheel vibration at high speeds is the result of the problem in the front suspension, when the car reaches high speed the shaking occurs.

There are two common reasons causing the steering wheel to shake at high speed, first is the imbalance front wheel and the second is loose front-end parts.

Imbalance Front Wheel

Imbalance front-wheel happens if the weight of the wheel is not evenly distributed throughout the wheel,  it will cause the wheel to rotate unevenly and creates vibration. This vibration will be transferred directly thru the steering linkage and cause steering wheel vibration the vibration becomes extreme when driving at high speed in which can easily be noticed by the driver. So what causes the wheel to become imbalanced.

The wheel will become imbalanced if the wheel weights are detached. Wheel weights are the small metal attached to the wheel when the wheel is subjected to balancing during assembly to even out the imbalance during the manufacture of tire and wheel.

Loose Front End Parts

Likewise, if the car front-end parts like the ball joints or tie rods are loose, it will create a vibration that will be transferred up to the steering wheel and can easily be noticed by the driver, especially at a certain speed.

Steering Wheel Vibration at High Speeds is caused by the following

1. Imbalance front wheel
2. Loose Front End Parts

What to do?
Steering wheel vibration problem is 70% cause of imbalanced front wheel than that of the loose front end Parts. So, the first thing to do is bring a car to the tire shop, asks the technician to balance the front wheel. It will not cost much but it will probably fix the problem of steering wheel vibration.

How Tire Balancing is Conducted

But if the problem is not corrected, then you are part of the 30% that have a loose front end parts. Bring the car to the repair shop and asks the mechanic to inspect the front end for any loose components. Repair or replace the affected parts if there is any.

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