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What Causes Engine Backfire When Starting

Engine Backfire When Starting

When trying to start the car won’t start and the car engine backfires. What Causes Engine Backfire When Starting? When the car won’t start possible reason is the following.

If the problem only occurs during or after rain, then the possible problem is moisture on the distributor cap. Moisture results from the humidity in the air, if the distributor cap contains moisture, this will interfere with the ability of the ignition system to operate properly and will result in engine backfires.

When the problem occurs in any condition, the possible cause is a timing problem. To confirm that this is the cause, open the hood of the car then inspect the timing belt. If the timing belt is broken or damaged, then this causes the problem. When the belt is damaged it can make the engine timing off, which can be resulted in the engine to backfire.

Cause of Engine Backfires on Starting

(1) Moisture on the distributor cap.
(2) Problem with the timing belt.

How to Fix Engine Backfiring When Starting

If the problem is about the moisture on the distributor cap, no other option but to keep your car park on a dry place (shaded area) when rain is anticipated. As for the timing belt problem, have your car towed to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to replace the timing belt, but before you do shop around for a shop that can offer the best price because this kind of job can also entail high cost.

Engine Backfire When Starting

However, to reduce repair cost you can try replacing the timing belt yourself, just refer to the service manual that covers your car model.

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