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Car Struggling to Start When Cold

If the car is struggling to start when cold, the problem is a partially frozen battery electrolyte.

The reason why car struggling to start when cold

Partially frozen battery electrolyte.

When temperatures are very low, the electrolyte within the battery may freeze or at least freeze partially.  This causes a battery to lose much of its power and in turn not crank the engine quick enough to start it immediately, this mostly causes car starting problems.

What to do?
You may want to replace your battery with a battery that has a very good "Cold Cranking Rating". Such batteries are very effective in cold weather. Visit your local auto parts store and ask the salesman to explain the differences between the various batteries the store stocks.

Car Struggles to Start but Runs Fine
If there is no cruddy-like substance on the battery, it means the battery is weak. it was indicated that the car struggles to start before it eventually starts. Since the headlights went out as the engine was cranking, we suspected a problem with the battery.
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