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Why Does My Clutch Pedal Vibrate?

Why does my clutch pedal vibrate? when driving a manual transmission to shift a gear, the clutch pedal must be press, if the clutch pedal vibrates when the pedal is press then its not normal.

What causes a vibrating clutch?
All possible reasons are related to each other, as same as the components of the system is connected with each other such as the flywheel which is a round metal that is connected to the engine crankshaft thus when the engine runs, flywheel turns, then there is the pressure plate that is press the clutch disc along the flywheel which allows the transfer of engine power to the transmission. By pressing the clutch pedal the clutch is released, as the clutch is released any looseness on the three parts mentioned could cause wobbling of the parts that can then transfer to the clutch pedal which can be felt as a vibration.
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Possible cause of clutch pedal vibration when depressing
This kind of problem is very difficult to determine what is the exact cause unless the transmission assembly is opened. However, based on the actual experience the most common causes are:
1. Loose clutch disc
2. Loose pressure plate
3. lose flywheel.
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What to do?
Bring the car to repair shop. Asks the mechanic to check transmission assembly, a transmission tear down is necessary to determine the exact cause of the problem and such work is very expensive. But if the car is under warranty then cost is not a big thing. This kind of problem shouldn’t be ignored because it can get worse and may result in a more expensive repair works.

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