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How can You Save on Gas While Driving?

Do you know how can you save on gas while driving? As oil is constantly increasing on the world market, so as the fuel your car used. The high cost of fuel constantly ripping off your pocket. You have no choice but to accept what this giant fuel company is pricing us for the fuel that your car is used.

The car manufacturer is gearing up towards the development of a car that is not just environment-friendly but also fuel efficient. However, even if you have a fuel-efficient car still it will not guarantee you to maximize the mileage provided by every liter of gas that you filled on your fuel tank unless you consider proper driving habits. Yes, you can maximize the car mileage per liter of fuel depending on the way you use the car.

How Can You Save on Gas While Driving?

1. Follow maintenance schedule. First thing first, constant maintenance must be done on your car. Follow the regular intervals recommended by your dealership for proper tune-ups.

2. Maintain recommended tire pressure. Always maintain the tire pressure that is recommended for your car by the manufacturer. The recommended tire pressure value can be found the tire pressure label on the driver side door, if there is no label then look on the car owners manual.

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3. Turn-off engine while on the park. While on park waiting for someone, turn off the car engine, because fuel is consumed during idle while the car is not moving from one place to another, plus its a safety to turn off the engine while at the park to avoid the risk of poisoning from harmful air.

4. Avoid stop and go driving. Avoid driving the car in sudden acceleration and sudden braking when stopping, this may not only saves fuel but also maximize the life of the tires.

5. Avoid clutch driving. Don’t rest your foot on the clutch as it will not only reduce mileage but also reduce the life of the clutch.

6. Do not rest your foot on the gas pedal. When the car is in cruising speed, step on the gas pedal just enough and not rest your foot on the pedal to avoid unnecessary burning of fuel.

7. Maintain speed. When driving at cruising speed try to maintain within the speed of 70 to 80 kph, as this is the economical speed range.

8. Shift to a higher gear. Lastly, shifting at higher gear on a lower speed can also help improve car mileage.

Just follow the correct driving habit and you will save on gas while driving your car.