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Can I Switch from Premium to Regular Gas

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Can I switch from premium to regular gas is a common question for the car owners, this will depend on the recommended fuel from carmakers.

Can I Switch From Premium to Regular Gas?

Let's have a look at first what is premium gas and what is regular gas. Premium gas is labeled as 91 octanes or higher, and the regular gas is labeled 87 octane rating. Not all cars can use regular or that 87 octane gasoline. Most of the cars produced for the market today use high octane gasoline. If you are not sure about what gasoline octane rating to use for your car, check out your car user manual it indicates what type of fuel to be used for your car.

What happens if you use regular gas on the car with a recommended fuel of 95 octanes or above or what is called premium gas?

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Engine pinging is one of the problems your car will encounter if you use regular gas from the car that requires a premium or high octane rating. Pinging sound occurs while driving on flat roads or while driving uphill. Pinging sound is categorized as an engine-related fault, and one reason that triggers pinging sound is the use of a low octane gasoline fuel like 91 octanes.

Engine Pinging Way to Cure It
Engine pinging one way of curing it is to use high octane gasoline. High octane resists ignition before combustion with a hot engine. Read more » Engine Pinging

Gasoline with a low octane rating especially those with an octane rating of 87 or low-grade gasoline can cause engine pinging sound, those types of gasoline burn easily because of being too combustible. If the gas burns easily, under certain conditions it will self-ignite before the piston reaches the top of the combustion chamber thus pre-ignition occurs, which will cause the engine to create a pinging sound.

So, to avoid a problem like pinging sound always use gasoline with a higher octane rating or that of premium gas because they are not burned easily to avoid pre-ignition. When you refill look at the gasoline station look closely at the gasoline station pump, the octane rating label is located on the front of the gas pump.

Usually, premium gasoline with high octane are those with 91 RON or above rating (some gasoline stations do not have 93 octanes) and are usually called super gasoline, the available gasoline in the market now is 91 octane, 95 octanes, and 100 octanes.

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