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Friday, March 28, 2008

Car Cleaning and Tips

Chrome Rims Care and Maintenance

Chrome rim is one of the parts that improve the look of your car and like any other part that affects the aesthetics of the car it should also be properly care and maintain regularly.

How to Jump Start a Car

How to jump start a car when the car battery is weak? When you jump start a car it should be done correctly, if not then the possibility of battery explosion can occur and will damage the car. Avoid using a frozen battery to jump start a car and the correct battery rating should also be considered.

Which Car Cover is Right for You?

Cars are prone to damages like scratches and dirt, with that said car cover is necessary to add protection on your car against thins kind of damages influences by the surroundings.

Which Car Polisher Does a Better Job?

Skills provide auto polishing better results, but skills without a proper equipment to use can also produce negative results, the days of polishing and waxing cars by hand are long gone with the introduction of various car polishers, which made polishing auto easy.

Basic Polishing Auto Guide

Auto polishing removes not so deep scratches, swirls and polish away oxidation as well as enhancing paint gloss that can give your auto smooth and shiny paint, plus off course prepare it for the application of protective coating use to protect autos while maintaining the look the same as when it was first bought.

Car with Bad Fuel Mileage

With the cause of fuel that keeps increasing there is no other way to save money but to maximize the fuel efficiency of your car. Bad fuel mileage can become better as long as you know how to control your driving habit.

Know What Budget Car Rentals Online

When you want convenience traveling from one location to another for a certain period of time, budget car rentals is the answer. Car leasing can be more economical than buying a car especially when your stay at one place is temporary and requires only a short period of time.

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

How often should I change my oil? This is the questions that most car owner is asking their self. Change oil is one of the most important yet simple car maintenance that you as a car owner must not neglect.

Hydraulic Clutch Bleeding Procedure

Fill in the reservoir tank with a new clutch fluid. Refer to your car owner’s manual for the location of the clutch reservoir tank.

Mesothelioma Risk for Auto Mechanics

Auto mechanics play an essential role in the well being of the United States economy. Auto mechanics are so vital because they repair and maintain vehicles to meet the transportation needs of America.

Risk of Asbestos Exposure When Repairing Cars

Asbestos has been used in the manufacturing of brake pads and linings, clutch facings, and gaskets for decades.

11 Tips to Consider Before Starting Your Car Engine

Driving your car gives you responsibility on whatever happens to you, your passengers, and the surroundings where you use it, and as a driver your responsibility begins when you are about to start your car engine.

5 Ways to Prevent Battery from Over-discharge

A battery will be completely discharged if it is left unattended for a long period of time and the specific gravity will became less than 1.1. This may result in sulphate on the cell plates.

7 Tips of Jump Starting Your Car Engine

Jump starting your car engine can cause you injuries if not properly done, to avoid the possibility of serious injuries precautions should be taken into considerations.

11 Damages Cause by Poor Car Maintenance

Not replacing the oil filter for a long time can cause to become clogged and restrict oil flow, possibly leading to car engine problems or damage.

10 Tips to shave off a Few Liters of Your Car Fuel Consumption

Although staying your car in tiptop shape can shave off a few liters in your daily driving, adjustments in the way you drive can also cut a few liters in your daily fuel consumption.

Low Octane Gasoline Causes Engine Pinging

Have ever experience of having heard a pinging sound coming out form your car engine? Pinging sound can be heard while driving on flat roads or climbing uphill, a pinging sound can be categorized as an engine related fault, but did you know that pinging sound can also be triggered by the use of gasoline with a low gasoline octane?

Car Exterior Cleaning Tips

To maintain the look and finish of your car, a proper care and regular cleaning must be taken into considerations like your car routine maintenance.

Car Protection against Corrosion

Corrosion can cause by many factors but the most common factors that contributes to car corrosion are, the accumulation of moisture retaining dirt and debris in body panel sections, cavities and other areas on your car and the damage to paint and protective coatings caused by gravel and stone chips or minor traffic accidents.

How to Check Oil Level in Car

As a car owner it is a must that you regularly check your car engine oil level to avoid future problem that will arise, which result to your car break down that may will give you headache and rip your pocket due to high cost of maintenance.

Tips to Save Gas and Maximize Fuel Mileage

As oil is constantly increasing on the world market, so as the fuel that our car use, high cost of fuel constantly ripping off our pocket and we have no choice but to accept what this giant fuel company is pricing us for the fuel that our car is used.

Stop Radiator Leak Occurrence While on the Road

One cause of overheating is when the vehicle cooling system failed, the possible cause is an insufficient engine coolant because of leak, and the most common is radiator leak, however it can be prevented thru regular radiator maintenance to stop radiator leak occurrence while driving your vehicle on the road.

What should be the Oil Change Frequency?

One of the common services for routine car maintenance that we sometime neglected is the oil change.

Routine Vehicle Owners Maintenance

When we are an owner a vehicle we must also know the basic of checking our vehicle as routine for day to day operation, these are essential to have our vehicle operates properly and provide as a safe journey when we are on the road behind the steering wheel.

Why Do We Need to Replace Vehicle Air Filters?

By the name itself air filters are the one that cleans the air before it enters our vehicle engine to prevent damage, accelerate internal engine wear, cause by contaminants that is present on the air.

Car Care for the Uncaring

Let’s face it, some folks derive immense pleasure from getting down on their knees and scrubbing away at their wheels with a toothbrush.

Engine Overheating Do's

When you are driving and you find your engine coolant temperature gauge to be on the red zone (maximum level), it means that you have a vehicle engine overheating, if this is the case, what to do?

Children Vehicle Safety, Our Responsibility

Due to the increased of number of children riding in vehicles, the number of children injured or killed while riding a vehicle also increase, that is why all of us must be extra careful when we are driving with young children.

10 Tips of Car Washing
Proper way of maintaining the external appearance of a car is by washing, when washing a car some basics tips can be taken into considerations.

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