Ford Ecosport 1.5 Petrol Review

Today I had the opportunity to drive a Ford Ecosport 1.5 Petrol and this is my review for Titanium version which is top of the line of the...

How To Jump-start a Car Engine

Jump-start is when you are trying to start a car that has a weak battery using another car with sufficient battery capacity by connecting both car batteries in parallel connection without removing battery on each car. To jump-start a car, it should be done in a correct manner, failure to do so may lead to car battery explosion that may result damage to the car or worst injuries to a person.

To jump-start a car engine use a booster car battery with correct battery rating, incorrect battery rating will damage a car. Avoid a jump-start of frozen car battery, it could explode.

How to jump-start a car engine

1. Prepare both cars, car A that consist the booster car battery and car B that need to jump-start consisting the weak car battery.

2. Ensure that the parking brake on both cars is applied and the gear position is in neutral position for manual transmission and at park (P) position for automatic transmission.

3. Switch off all electrical equipment.

4. Connect the jump-start cable, positive to positive and negative to negative as shown on illustration in a sequence (1-2-3-4). Jump Start Battery Diagram

5. Start car A and keep the engine running at 2,000 rpm by pressing the accelerator pedal.

6. After a few minutes start car B, if the engine does not start turn the ignition "OFF" and wait for 3 to 4 seconds then starts again.

7. After car B starts, disconnect the jump-start cable as shown in the illustration in reverse sequence (4-3-2-1).