Ford Ecosport 1.5 Petrol Review

Today I had the opportunity to drive a Ford Ecosport 1.5 Petrol and this is my review for Titanium version which is top of the line of the...

6 Tricks A New Car Salesman Used

When you went to a new car dealership you will always be encountering new car salesmen explaining you about the new car they are selling. But beware of the tricks they are using to avoid being taken advantage.

Tricks used by new car salesmen

Tricks 1. Car salesmen play on the emotional appeal of owning a new vehicle. If you feel you're being "swept away", start to think logically about the deal the salesman is offering you.

Tricks 2. Some salesmen try to be your friend. Never forget that the salesman is only there to make money.

Tricks 3. New car dealers make a good profit from trade-ins. Always make sure you know the value of your used car before you accept any offer. Consult Edmund's Used Car Prices or VMR Used Car Prices (both available at most bookstores).

Tricks 4. A car salesman may offer you a very generous amount for your trade-in in order to gain your trust. Watch out because they will make up for that loss in a higher selling price of the new vehicle, a higher interest rate, or will try to sell you numerous options.

Tricks 5. A car salesman may say that his offer is good only today because it's a "special" offer. Walk away when you hear this.

Tricks 6. If a car salesman keeps emphasizing the monthly payment and how "you can afford it", be careful, you're having the wool pulled over your eyes. Leave the dealership and determine what the "total of payments" will be.

Remember that new car salesmen is good at keeping you to make decision at once of buying new car without even considering some options of comparing their product and services to another making you lost a chance to choose the right decision.

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