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How do you bargain with a car salesman?

How do you bargain with a car salesman? Buying a new car keeps you away from headache cause when buying a used car, even if sometimes a new car have also a problem. But need not to worry because it will be covered by a warranty. However, a new car is more expensive than the used one because it requires a full and complete insurance coverage plus the mandatory maintenance requirements of the warranty.

What to consider when buying a new car?
1. Know your transportation needs. Ask yourself what type of car is the most suitable for your driving habit.
2. How much is your price range? Don’t purchase a new car that is above your capacity to pay because it would end up to a bank if you cannot pay for the amortization, not unless you buy it in cash.
3. What is the resale value? Know the resale value of the car to purchase, numerous models come out almost every year, you have the option to purchase a new car that would satisfy your needs and to sell it on a higher value when it is about to be replaced.
4. What about car reliability? Make a comparison with each of every model available, check the rating table for reference.
5. What about car safety facts? Ask the salesperson about the safety features of the car that interest you, compare it to another model.
6. What kind of warranty comes with the car? Of course the higher the warranty covers the higher the confidence level that the new car is of good quality, it can also save you lots of money when something does go wrong within the warranty period.
7. Which local dealers does good warranty work? From the word of mouth of another customer, you will always know if the dealership does good warranty work.

How do you bargain with a car salesman?
Negotiation on buying a new car means you versus the salesman. Always remember that a salesman is trying to make as much money as possible and, of course, you’re trying to save as much as possible.

The Truth About Cars
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A new car salesman is very astute, they are good at a convincing customer to pay as much as possible for a new car. But there is always an absolute minimum price a dealer will accept for the car, this amount is the dealership price paid for the manufacturer (Factory invoice) plus an added advertising cost. The dealer will make no profit if the car is sold for this amount, not unless the dealer is desperate to get rid of a particular car due to an upcoming new model, it will not accept an absolute minimum offer.

Now your objective is to negotiate the price as close as the absolute minimum as possible. To gain advantage during negotiations with the dealership, never ever let the salesman knows that you’re very much interested with the car, because if the salesmen have knowledge that you are very much interested, he’ll have the upper hand in negotiating, so maintain a sort of lukewarm attitude.

If you have used car trade it with the dealership, but make sure that you find out first how much the car worth before trading, there is a lot of used car magazine out there for the price comparison.

If the salesman refuse to lower the price simply write your name, phone number on their customer log book and ask him to call you if he reconsiders, hold your own and wait a few days to see if he calls back. If he does you win.

If he doesn’t, either you call him back and accept the price offered by the salesman or start negotiating with other dealer.

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