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Child Lock in Car Door

Have you ever been traveling by car with your kids? For sure you don’t want your kids to accidentally open the car door while the car is running, this will probably result in an accident. But this can be prevented by activating the child safety door locks found on your car rear door.

The child safety rear door locks are one of the vehicle safety features that help prevent rear doors from being opened accidentally, especially when small children are in the vehicle.

When the levers are in the lock position, the child safety rear door locks engage and the rear doors cannot be open from inside the vehicle it can only be opened using the outside door handles. To disengage, move the levers to the unlock position.

The child safety door lock toggle is located only on the rear door of a vehicle. If you have a child with you inside the rear passenger compartment, activate the child safety lock to prevent untoward incidents from happening when the rear door handle inside is accidentally toggled or played upon by the children.

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