April 24, 2011

Transmission Slipping Out of Gear

Transmission slipping out of gear can cause by several reasons and it will depends on what particular gear the transmission slip out, if the transmission slip out particularly on high gear this is usually caused by a faulty shift linkage or it can be caused by input shaft movement that is excessive. Shift linkage has something to do with the transmission not to stay out of gear, when the shift linkage is bad, it will make the transmission slip out of gear especially in high gear, and likewise a minimum input shaft movement is necessary for the transmissions to avoid the transmission stay out of gear. When the input shaft excessively move it can cause the transmission to jumps out of gear.
However when the transmission slip out of gear while driving, this is usually the case of an out of adjustment shift linkage, an out of adjustment shift linkage can cause the transmission to slip out of first gear or the second gear, however there are also other reasons if the transmission slip out of second gear that is when the shifter fork is loose, this will likely cause the transmission to jump out of second gear.

There are other causes of this kind of transmission problems but can only be determine by looking at the actual transmission itself. The above causes are the most likely possible reasons why the transmission is slipping out of gear however in determining the exact cause of the problem the transmission must be opened up and checked by a professional, without the actual transmission it is very hard to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem but instead the most likely possibilities can be determine based on the experience.

When your car encounters a transmission slipping out of gear bring the car immediately to the shop that specialized in working with transmission problems. Usually adjustments of shift linkage can fix the problem, however if the adjustment wont work then a more expensive work must be done and it will cost you a lot.

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