Car Makes Whining Noise When Accelerating

The car makes a whining noise when accelerating, the noise happens when the engine RPM is high especially during acceleration.

Troubleshooting car problem of whining noise when accelerating
Whining noise in most cases is caused by friction between the transmission components, a gear or a bearing may have an incorrect contact with each other. This will happen when these components have worn out or damaged. However, it is difficult to determine if it is really the cause without the inspection of the actual transmission. To confirm whether the whining noise is coming from the transmission do the following:

1) Drive the car to the speed in which the whining noise is observed. 2) Shift the gear to a neutral position then turn off the engine while it runs. 3) When the whining noise is still present then this confirms that the problem is within the transmission, but when the whining noise is not observed then the problem is within the engine or the clutch assembly.

Possible cause of whining noise when accelerating

Worn out or damaged transmission components

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How to fix acceleration whining noise
When you observed this kind of problem in your car, bring the car to a reputable car shop at once to avoid escalation of the problem. Ask the mechanic to inspect thoroughly the transmission for any damage or worn parts. If the mechanic told you to pull down the transmission for overhaul, seek first for a second opinion of another shop before agreeing. The cost for this repair job is high therefore ensuring that the real problem is identified before making the repair is necessary.

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