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Car Shakes When Idle

Car shakes when idle, the vibration is so extreme that it cause the entire car to shakes even though the car is not moving and idle.

Troubleshooting car problems of car shakes when idle
If car shakes when idle the reasons is that once of the cylinders is misfiring. For the normal engine to run smoothly the engine cylinder must fire properly, the firing of each cylinder must be in the correct sequence. If one of the cylinder is not firing according to the normal firing order in sequence the engine will be balance and cause the engine to vibrates extremely and enough to cause the entire car to shakes when idle.

Now the real problem here is why the cylinder is misfiring. The reasons for the engine cylinder to misfire are bad spark plugs, bad spark plug wires or a worn distributor cap. Any of the above reason can cause the firing of the air/fuel mixtures inside the cylinder. Another possibility is that the valves are burned. If the valve is burned the compression of the cylinder will become abnormal and as a results engine misfiring occurs.

Possible Cause of Car Shakes When Idle
Engine misfiring on one of the cylinder

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How to fix excessive car shakes when idle?

Replace Spark Plug
To begin fixing the problem first is to replace the spark plug and the spark plugs wires usually this will fix the problem of engine misfiring.

Replace Distributor Cap
If after the replacement the car still shakes when idle the next thing to replace is the distributor cap. You can do the work by yourself by checking on the service manual that covers your car model or you may bring the car to the shop for tune-up.

If after then cap was replace and the problem still occur then the problem is a burned valve in this case confirm with the shop mechanic the problem and repair if necessary.

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