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What would cause an engine to lose power?

What would cause an engine to lose power? Well, several reasons would cause an engine to lose power like the fault on the ignition system, fuel system or clogged catalytic converter.

Possible cause of an engine to lose power

Clogged catalytic converter
If the top speed of your car is significantly 15 miles less than it was before then the problem is a clogged catalytic converter.

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The purpose of the catalytic converter to clean the unburned gasses that pass through in the exhaust system, if the catalytic converter is clogged the exhaust gasses will not freely pass and will be restricted trough the catalytic converter, now the faster the car the harder it is for the unburned gasses to get past the catalytic converter all the way to the tail pipe and back pressure to the engine happens that causing the engine to lose power. The harder the accelerator pedal is press the more back pressure in the engine therefore the car will not reach the top speed.

Bad spark plug or spark plug wires
If the engine runs rough especially during idle, then the problem is related to fuel system specifically a bad spark plug or spark plug wires. If the spark plug or spark plug wires is bad there will be no spark in the combustion chamber and the engine will misfire.
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Clogged fuel injector
If the above condition is not met then possible problem is the fuel system specifically the injector. The purpose of the fuel injector is to provide the engine enough amount of fuel, if the engine do not have enough fuel it will lack power. If the fuel injector is clogged or partially clogged not enough fuel will goes inside the engine and the engine will starved of fuel.
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Engine weak compression
Another cause of the engine to lack power is when the engine is weak on compression, usually this is because the engine valves or rings worn out. To check if the engine has weak compression the engine must be subjected to compression test.

What to do?
Bring the car to the repair shop depending on your initial diagnosis asks the mechanic to check the car, if the problem is a clogged catalytic converter then replace it with the new one. If the problem is the spark plug or spark plug wires, replacing this parts will improve the engine performance.

If the problem is the clogged fuel injectors avoid using low octane gasoline, first is to try to fill your car with super gasoline usually 98 octane and above because super gasoline have additives that automatically cleans residue off the injectors. After filling with super gasoline a few times you will notice an improve power from the engine. If there is no improvement then that’s the time to bring the car to the repair shop and asks the mechanic to clean the injectors.

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