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How do I measure bolt circle diameter?

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How do you measure bolt circle diameter? Bolt circle diameter is important especially when replacing your wheel. Bolt circle diameter or simply bolt pattern of a rim also called Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) from the wheel designer point of view, is the diameter of the imaginary circle where the center of the bolt hole is tangent to. 

The bolt hole of the wheel is where the wheel nut lies. It can be determined by measuring the wheel bolt hole or the stud bolt of the vehicle where the wheel is installed, against other bolt hole.

What's the used of determining the bolt pattern, how important it is for the car owner to know the measurement of the bolt pattern?

Actually if you want to buy a wheel, one of the things that you need to consider is the bolt pattern measurement because this will determine the correct specification of the your replacement wheel so that the wheel will fit to the car.

How to measure bolt circle diameter?
Use a meter tape to measure the bolt pattern. You can either measure it on the vehicle stud bolt or on the wheel itself preferably the easiest is to take out the vehicle spare tire and measure it.

Measure the distance between the two opposite hole as illustrated.

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The distance that will be measured is the bolt hole pattern or the pitch circle diameter.

Another method of measuring bolt circle diameter is as shown:
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