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How Often Should You Change Your Oil in Months

How Often Should You Change Your Oil in Months

How often should you change your oil in months?

The frequency you should change your oil in months depends on the driving condition. For the normal operation conditions, the oil change is every 6 months or every distance of 5,000 km whichever comes first for the diesel engines, and once every 12 months or every distance of 10,000 km whichever comes first for the gasoline engine.

Oil change time versus mileage

Oil change time will depend on how often you used your car if you seldom use your car, follow the oil change frequency in months, even if the car is in use the oil needs to regularly change. But if you use your car more often just follow the mileage when you change your oil.

One of the common services for routine car maintenance that you as car owner sometimes neglected is to change your oil.

Oil change frequency is one of the crucial items that you must always follow. If you follow the frequency for changing oil set by the auto manufacturer it will prevent excessive wear on your car's engine key components.

However, it is recommended to shorten the oil change frequency to a distance of 1000 km or a period of every 3 months whichever comes first if you are driving on a severe condition.

When we say the severe driving condition, we mean the following:
Driving on the dusty area
When you are always driving on short distances
When you are driving with a towed vehicle
When you are driving with extensive idling
When you are driving on an extremely adverse condition or areas with extremely low or extremely high temperature
Driving on a mountainous area or high humidity area
Driving on an area with salt or corrosive material
Driving on a rough rod, muddy road or desert
Driving with frequent use of braking
Frequent driving in water

Oil change frequency is very important as do nothing else for preventive maintenance except the oil change. Again, if you do not follow the oil change frequency, you can be guaranteed that car engine life will be shortened.

How to Check Oil in Car
It is a must to regularly check the oil level in the car especially every time before the car is used. It may result in a car break down. In case the car user manual is not available here's how to check the oil in the car.

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