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Car Wont Start No Clicking Sound

When you're car won't start no noise is heard when turning the ignition there are only two things that cause this kind of car starting problems, one is the battery-related and the other is a bad solenoid related problem.

Diagnosing car won't start: To determine which of the two causes your car not to start, first check if its battery-related problem, usually if it’s the battery that causes this kind of car problems you can do this kind of test to be sure

Step 1. Turn on your ignition key to on position this is the position of the ignition key before starting the engine.

Step 2. With the key on the on position, check you’re car instrument panel and notice if the dashboard light dimmed, if this is the case there is a problem on your battery.

Step 3. Open your car hood and check your car battery terminals, if you notice a cruddy-like substance on the battery cables then your car battery cables are corroded, hence your car battery is dead and needs a replacement.

If your car battery cables are corroded current is prevented from reaching your car starter thus your car won’t start.

Corroded Battery Terminal

Step 4. To correct the problem, clean your battery terminal for corrosion you can use a baking soda and water to help dissolve the corrosion then brush it with a brush wire and apply petroleum jelly to prevent it from corroding in the future.

For instance, your car battery is in good condition the only possible problem is that your car is suffering from a bad solenoid problem since solenoid is the one that turns your starter on thus your car won't start.

To solve the problem, just replace the solenoid, but it would better than the entire starter and solenoid be replaced, a rebuilt one would be cheaper and it can easily be purchased on various auto shops for the best price. Bring your car to a reputable repair shop to fixed the problem or you can fix it yourself if you have a repair manual for your car.

Car Won't Start Clicking Sound Only
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