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Car Won’t Start with No Sound Occur During Starting

When trying to start, the car won’t start and no sound is heard. The reason why car wont start during starting is most likely a problem involving the car battery. Another possibility but is rarely the cause is a bad solenoid.

To check if it is a car battery related problem and determine the cause, try to do this simple test.
(1) Turn your ignition key to “ON” position. This is the position where the engine is about to start.
(2) Check the entire dashboard light. You have a battery related problem if it is out or has been extremely dim. If this happens you have to check what’s the problem with your car battery.
(3) To check your car battery, open the hood.
(4) Inspect the battery terminal, if there is a presence of cruddy-like substance on the battery cables the battery pole is corroded and this prevents the current from the battery in reaching the starter thus your car won’t start.
(5) If there is no presence of cruddy like substance on the battery pole you simply have a dead battery and need to be replace.
But for instance, when you turn the ignition key on, the dashboard lights is not out or not extremely dim then the problem is a bad solenoid.

Possible Cause when Car Wont Start with No Clicking Sound

Corrosion on Battery Terminals/Dead Battery or Bad Solenoid.

How Fix the Car Not Starting with No Clicking Sound

For Corroded Battery Terminal
(1) Apply baking soda and water on the terminals to help dissolved corrosion.
(2) Clean the terminals with a wire brush.
(3) After the battery terminal is cleaned, coat the terminals with petroleum jelly to prevent deposits from forming in the future.

Car Won't Start Clicking Sound Only
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However, when the problem is involving a bad solenoid the best solution is to replace the entire starter and solenoid with a rebuilt one. You can have it in various auto shops at a competitive price.

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