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Car Won't Start Clicking Sound Only

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If the car won't start, clicking sound only is heard the reason is battery or starter related problem. If Car won't start just click it indicates a problem on starting system, specifically on the battery or starter drive. Do the simple test.

If the car won’t start just clicks noise is heard when the ignition is switched "ON" is usually an indication of a car starting problems involving a battery. If this problem happens the first thing to be check is the condition of the battery. To check if the battery is in good condition, do the following diagnosis:

1) Turn the ignition key “ON” - this is the location before turning the ignition key to start the engine.

2) Turn the windshield wiper “ON” and let the wiper operates for about 30 seconds.

3) If the wiper operates very slowly and not at the usual speed then we can say that there is a problem with the battery. Charged the battery or bring it to the battery shop and have it check, it might only need charging, usually, an overnight charging will do, but if the battery is damaged and cannot be charged, replace it with a new one

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However, if the wiper operates normally disregard the battery as the culprit because it’s not a battery problem but rather a problem that involves the starter.

If the battery is not the cause of the problem, we are left with only two possible reasons why the car won't start, either the car has a bad starter or a bad electrical connection. The starter is the device that cranks the engine to start your car when the starter is gone badly the engine will not start.

Now, to determine if the problem is really the starter or it's a bad electrical connection open the hood of the car and locate the starter. Inspect the wires/cable attached to the starter if the wires are tight and secure then it’s in good condition. Therefore, the problem is more likely the starter.

The reason why the car won't start just clicks

(1) Bad battery or Bad Starter

When the car won't start what to do if clicks only are heard? The starter generally uses a DC motor that operates on power from a battery. The motor rotates when the ignition switch is turned on start position. The turning force of the starter motor is delivered through its pinion gear to the flywheel ring gear that is attached to the crankshaft.
When starting the engine, a large amount of torque is required to compress the air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinders and overcome the engine’s oil viscous resistance and other loads.

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Therefore, a large current (150A to 200A) must flow through the starter motor, and consequently, the battery must be fully charged.

If the problem is the starter, bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to confirm the trouble on the starter and replace it if necessary. If you want less cost, you may want to consider replacing it with a rebuilt one since it’s also reliable to use a rebuilt starter to fix the problem of your car that won’t start and clicking noise only during starting.

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