What Causes a Car Engine Pinging Sound and How to Fix It

Car trouble symptoms

After filling with gasoline the car engine produce pinging sound.

Car problem diagnosis
A pinging sound is an indication of car engine-related problems there are several causes why the engine produces pinging sound. However, if you notice the pinging sound occurs after your car is filled with gasoline then this means that the problem is related to the type of gasoline you just filled in the car.

Using low octane gasoline can triggered engine pinging sound, low octane gasoline is that gasoline with an 88 octane rating or below, it is considered low grade gasoline. This type of gasoline is combustible or can easily burn before it reaches the engine combustion chamber. When the gasoline self ignites, during the process, it produces pinging sound in which you can hear. Pre-ignition occurs when the engine is extremely hot or under a lot of stress.

Possible cause of engine pinging sound
Filling of low octane gasoline

How to fix pinging sound on engine
To fix the problem, try using a higher octane rating gasoline these are gasoline with an octane rating of 92 and above. You can easily be identified if the gasoline you are about to fill the car is having a high octane rating because the octane rating was displayed on the gas pump itself.

Can You Put 91 Octane Gasoline In Any Car?
Not all cars can use 91 octane gasoline. Most of the car produced for the market today use high octane gasoline. If you are not sure about what gasoline octane rating to use for your car, check out your car user manual it indicates what type of fuel to be used for your car.

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