Car Turns Over Slowly on Starting

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Car Turns Over Slowly on Starting

When starting the car turns over slowly and won’t start, however a grinding sound can be noticed while starting. When starting the car engine it turns over slowly accompanied by a sound similar to a sharp metal to metal sound or grinding and howling sound while the car engine is cranking is an indication of a starter problem, probably the starter is gone bad causing a car that wont start.

Possible Cause Why Car Turns Over Slowly on Starting

Bad Starter causing a car that won't start.

How to Fix a That Turns Over Slowly

If your car is a manual transmission, you can try push starting the car and bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop. Ask the mechanic to check the starter and replace if necessary, however the car is an automatic transmission then have it towed to an auto repair shop for checking.

In any case the mechanic may advise you to replace the starter, when replacing the starter consider replacing it with a rebuilt one since it is much cheaper that a new one, if you opt to buy a new starter, shop around for the best price, you can buy it online on Amazon auto parts & accessories to get the best price plus you can even choose for a variety of brand that suit your car model.

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