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Car Won’t Start on a Wet Conditions

The car won’t start when turning the ignition key on, however this happens during a wet weather conditions such as while raining or has been raining. The reason why car won’t start on wet conditions is a problem involving moisture inside a distributor cap.

When air humidity becomes high, a condensation occurs and this condensation is the moisture that is presence inside the distributor cap, moisture inside distributor cap can cause interference on the ignition system making it not to function properly thus the car wont start when the ignition key is turn on.

Possible Cause if Car Wont Start on Wet Condition

Moisture inside distributor cap

How to Prevent a Car Not to Start When Condition is Cold

To prevent this kind of problem from happening you have to make sure that you park your car inside the garage when it is about to rain or when raining. But if you encountered this kind of problem and you do not have any knowledge about removal and installation of distributor cap, the only thing you can do is to just wait until the moisture dries up, however when you know how to remove the distributor cap try removing it and dry it up using a clean rag, when distributor cap dries up install it again and start the engine, this should fixed the problem.

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