Steering Wheel Do Not Return After Turning on a Curve

Steering Wheel Do Not Return After Turning on a Curve

The steering wheel do not return. After turning on the curve the steering wheel wont return easily. This symptoms indicates problem on the alignment.

Troubleshooting car problems of steering wheel that do not return after turning
To better understand why after coming from a curve the steering wheel won’t return requires a lot of knowledge about the car front ends and wheel alignment. Wheel alignment has something to do with the various setting of the car’s wheel, front and rear. There are several settings on wheel alignment. However, the setting that is related to the problem is the caster and steering axis inclination. When those setting is beyond the specification or standard setting for a particular model of car, it can cause the steering wheel not to return easily while the car is driven coming from a curve. The higher the difference in specifications the worst the problem will be.

Possible cause when steering wheel do not return after turning from a curve
Front wheel alignment problem

How to fix steering wheel that do not return after turning on a curve
Bring the car to a shop that specialized on wheel alignment job, have the wheel aligned. Usually this can fixed the problem. If the problem still occurs then the problem is caused by a binding steering component, this kind of problem is not mentioned on the car problem diagnosis because it is very rare to happen. Have the binding steering component fixed and lubricated to correct the problem of steering wheel that won’t return after the car is coming out of a turn.

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