How to Remove Mildew Smell on Car A/C

In removing mildew smell on car ac it easy when the source of the odor is identified. Usually a mildew smell that comes out the a/c vents is cause by a drain pan on the evaporator of air conditioning that is not draining. One of the key components of the air conditioning system is the evaporator. When the car air conditioning is on, the evaporator becomes cold. The blower will then blows air through the evaporator fins and comes out the air conditioning vents this is why the air that comes out the vents is cold.

When the temperature of the surroundings is hot and the air is humid, since the evaporator is cold there is a condensation that forms on the evaporator. This condensation is drained down into the street by the use of drain hose. If the drain pan is not draining the moisture will get trapped inside the drain pan, this will serves as the breeding ground of the algae-like organism that produces mildew smell that mixes into the air that comes out your car air conditioning vents.

Now to remove the mildew smell on the a/c unit you have to make sure that the drain pan is draining. To ensure that the drain pan is draining you need to remove any clogging that causes the moisture to get trapped inside the drain pan. How do you do this? Just crawl under the car and locate the drain hose the leads to the evaporator drain pan. Clean the hose ends for the debris that causes clogging. Clean the clogged up to the base of the drain pan. You may need an assistance of a professional to get rid of the clogging located at the base of the drain pan. Once the drain pan is free of clogging the moisture will be funneled out the street, however the mildew smell removal will take about a couple of days before it completely remove.

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