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Reviewed: The Volkswagen Touareg SUV

Volkswagen is a dominant brand in the automotive industry. It sells a vast range of premium vehicles, both under its name and through other brands like Audi. It's also a global car marque.

One of the most talked-about models in its current lineup is the Volkswagen Touareg. In a nutshell, the Touareg is an SUV that offers luxury and refinement as standard. As you might expect from a VW, it's also a best-selling model.

Today I will run through the top features that the Volkswagen Touareg has to offer.
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Three trim levels on offer
Volkswagen wants to tempt future SUV buyers by offering a selection of trim levels on the Touareg.

First up is the SE. It comes with the company's 4MOTION permanent four-wheel-drive system as standard. The exterior of the car sits on 19-inch "Salvador" alloy wheels.

Other features include DAB digital radio, parking sensors and touchscreen satellite navigation. You also get a start/stop system and leather interior. Dual-zone climate control keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Meanwhile, ISOFIX anchor points make it easy to install child seats in the vehicle.

The mid-range trim is the Escape. Curiously it comes with smaller 18-inch "Karakum" alloy wheels as standard. But, this particular trim is one aimed at offroaders. It's no surprise that Volkswagen will want to use smaller wheels for such a purpose.

It includes the same items found on the basic SE trim. You also get an off-road suspension setup and under body paint protection. There's no denying this trim is a worthy competitor for cars like the Land Rover SUVs.

The rang-topper is the R-Line. When you look at any VW at Carbase.co.uk, you'll notice one thing. The R-Line trim is always on the sportier looking models! As you might have guessed, that's what this particular trim is all about.

For a start, you get massive 20-inch "Tarragona" alloy wheels. The exterior also gets the addition of an R-Line body kit. Meanwhile, stainless steel sills continue the sporty theme towards the interior.

Other features include keyless entry and start, a panoramic sunroof and sporty aluminum pedals.

Powerful V6 turbo diesel engines
The new Volkswagen Touareg comes with two variations of the same 3.0-litre V6 TDI engine. One boasts 201 brake horsepower, the other 258 bhp. The latter is available on all three trims while the former only on the SE and R-Line.

Each engine gets mated to Volkswagen's eight-speed DSG unit. It's a dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission, in case you wondered. Most SUVs these days no longer come with manual gearboxes. But, the good news is you can still shift manually using the gear lever. There's just no need to operate a clutch pedal anymore!

Selective Catalytic Reduction as standard
SCR is a technology that reduces engine emissions on a diesel engine. Both of the V6 TDI units feature SCR. The way that it works is simple. A water and urea-based additive gets injected into the exhaust system at certain points.

When that happens, it removes pollutants from the nitrogen to lower CO2 emissions. Take a look at halfords.com for more information.

Not only is the Touareg a powerful SUV, it's also an Eco-friendly one too! I recommend checking one out if you're in the market for such a vehicle.

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