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Ford Ecosport Review Philippines

This is the new update on my Ford Ecosport review here in the Philippines, now the Ecosport I am using is already 14000 km. The car is almost 2 years old now and also complied with the required Periodic Maintenance Schedule, so far there are some issues which I have encountered.

On the last PMS we complained about the jerking when at drive position and the accelerator pedal is depressed, the car hesitates to move it feels like the clutch is dragging. When the car was brought on the service shop the dealer advises us that there is a need to update the TCM. This is the first time I have heard about updating the Transmission Control Module (TCM) as I also work with the automotive we have not encountered such kind of service work on the brand I am working with.

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The questions that come in my mind are, for now, the updating is free of charge because the car is under warranty, what if the car is out of warranty and the TCM needs to update is it free of charge? if not then this is an additional costing on the maintenance of the car, not like in another brand we used to have there is no need for TCM updating.

Transmission concern
Also, I have encountered during our trip in Sagada, we happened to stop at the front of Sumaguing cave (the road is sloped) to buy some souvenir items, then as we ascend on the road the car won't move it's just stayed on its ground even though I have the accelerator floored already and the engine RPM keeps on going up it won't move. So I decided to shift in reversed and have the car back until the road is almost flat and shifted to drive again to move forward but when I reach the sloping road again it just stuck there. 

So, I shifted to reversed again and turn around and drive for around 300 meters up to the flat road then turn around again and accelerated to gain momentum until I reach the sloping road, now I have momentum passing on the sloping road and succeeded. I used to test drive a car including compact SUV of the different brand since this is what we did before we launch a new model, and I have not encountered such kind issues, we test car in Talisay Batangas a much stiffer area compared to that Sumaguing cave road so far we did not encounter that kind of issues.

I just hope it's not an issue on the Transmission, I have not yet discussed this issue with the dealer after-sales since I need to observe it more to confirm, I will keep an update on this review.

Ford Ecosport Review Philippines

Fuel Economy

In terms of fuel consumption, I notice that the average fuel consumption in city drive is 12 L/100 kilometer which is indicated on the instrument panel, that is equivalent to 8.3 km/liter fuel economy and will keep on increasing depending on the traffic situation but I have noticed that it is more economical to use the drive move instead of sports mode. On long driving, I get an average of 10 liter/100 km from Manila to Sagada which is equivalent to 10km/liter fuel economy which I think is very low for a long driving but its understandable because of the kind of road (Hanselma highway) going to Sagada is uphill and winding road plus I used the sport mode of shifting. In the coming week, I will drive the ecosport on the way to the Visayas, I will try to get the best fuel economy possible.

This is the result of my fuel consumption when I drove the ford ecosport all the way to the Visayas via RoRo, the average consumption as indicated on the instrument cluster is 7.4 l/100 km.        

(Below is the review I made before when first I drive the car)

Today I had the opportunity to drive a Ford Ecosport 1.5 Petrol Titanium version and here's what I found about the Titanium version of the top-of-the-line Ecosport from Ford. At first glance from the outside, I thought that this vehicle has a small passenger cabin but I was surprised how spacious this little car was. The legroom and the headroom are so much enough for the average Asian built.

View from the cockpit

From the cockpit, you can see a wider view of the front, and with the help of the adjustable seat by increasing the cushion height of the driver seat you have a better glance of the road and the vehicle in front. However, be careful when turning because you might bump into something since the wider pillar in front will not give you a clear sight of the front side of the vehicle during turning. This will give you a blind spot when turning from either left or right.

Ecosport Front Pillar
Ford Ecosport Front Pillar

Though the Ecosport looks narrow from the outside it feels like you’re driving a wider vehicle when in the inside at the cockpit, but its size is just enough for the narrow streets of Manila plus it does not need a bigger parking space and can easily fit with the standard parking space of every mall. The ride is not that soft but feels a little bumpy especially when running into road undulation I think it’s because of the short wheelbase that this vehicle has.


It is common to every driver that parking your car is facing the road is much easier than parking it facing the wall, and because of the reverse sensor that this vehicle has, it makes a lot easier to park. The length of the vehicle is short if not for the spare tire that is hanging on the backdoor I do not know if the reverse sensor safe distance considers the protruded spare tire at the back. But I think it does because I have not yet hit any wall from behind when I park the car.

Locking system

The locking system is good because of the automatic lock unlock even when the key is in my pocket, however when my passenger accidentally open the door even when its lock while we are traveling, so I think the child lock must be activated especially when traveling with a kid because it can easily unlock even when the car is running and the door is locked.

Audio system

The audio system is a modular type making it difficult to customize using an aftermarket audio system. Though the system comes with cd /Aux /Bluetooth as a standard feature it does not come with a navigation system which can be found in most crossover and may come in handy especially when you are not familiar with the place you are going.

Ford Ecosport Review Philippines

Air conditioning system

The air conditioning system is good because of its subcompact body the passenger cabin can easily be cooled even during the hot condition in the middle of the day.
I was amazed by the space available for the baggage plus the rear seat can be folded so that there can be more extra space for the bulky baggage. On the inside, there are a lot of cup holders two on the center console and another on the doors, there is also a compartment underneath the front passenger seats where you can put some of your documents and accessories.

The fuel economy is acceptable on a long drive but is not economical at city driving where the traffic is stop-and-go. Especially these days where metro traffic is bad, an extra budget for fuel is necessary. The engine is not responsive when the shift lever is at drive especially when going uphill but very responsive when at sports mode where you can select what gear you want to engage because it’s like driving a manual transmission however when at sports mode expect a lesser fuel economy.

Ford Ecosport Review Philippines

For the high end which is the titanium it comes with a sunroof, the only advantage it has is the skylight it provides but the disadvantage is that it is dangerous from the falling object above. And if you forgot to close the roof water will come inside especially when it’s raining so always check the sunroof to make sure that it is closed because it can accidentally be open due to the soft-touch button located above the rearview mirror. That's all for the day I will post more about this little car because I'm sure I will discover more features and performance of this car as I continue using it till my next post then.

Its been a long time since I first drive the Ecosport and here is so far my updated review:
The mileage now is 9000 km, the car is now a year in a half but the mileage is only around 9000km. So obviously it is already passed the 20000 km PMS, even when the car is not often used but the PMS stated that 20000 km or 12 months whichever comes first which the car owner must follow even though it will cost a lot.

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