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Brake Pedal Goes Down Further Than Usual

When the brake pedal was press and you notice that it goes down further than it used to be, there are two possible reasons that causing this kind of problem. Its either the car brake fluid is very low or the brake shoe lining is worn.

Possible cause of car problem:
(1) Low level of brake fluid
(2) Worn out brake lining

Car problem diagnosis:
(1) To confirm the reason why brake pedal goes down further than usual, open the car hood and locate the brake fluid reservoir. Usually the brake reservoir is located on the top of the brake master cylinder.

(2) Check the level of the brake fluid, the level should be sufficient enough, there is high and low indicator on the reservoir, brake fluid level must be in between the high and low. If the brake fluid is low the brake pedal will travel further than usual before it will stop, the lower the brake fluid the lower the pedal will travel.
(3) If the brake fluid is sufficient enough, then the problem is is a worn brake lining because when the lining worn out the pedal will travel further than normal. The rear brake is usually the one that causing this problem, because rear brake is drum type that is when the pedal is press the brake shoe is also press inside the drum. 

Just simply add the required amount of brake fluid to correct the problem, but the reason on why your car brake fluid level is low is another problem to find out. Now, when the lining or the shoe is worn out the pedal need travel further so that the lining will press inside the drum to stop the car.

What to do?
(1) When the cause is lack of brake fluid
Just add enough brake fluid on the reservoir.  Use DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluid, usually there is a label on the top of the reservoir cap on what type of brake fluid to be used. Also consider checking the brake system for any leak because how come the brake fluid becomes low if there is no leak on the system.

(2) When the cause is a worn brake lining
Just replace the brake lining. If you do not know how to do it, bring the car to repair shop that specialized in brake repair and let the mechanic to do the job for you, but of course you have to pay some cash.

Also, tell the mechanic to check the drum because more often than not, the drum is needed to be machined before replacing the brake shoe with a new one.

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