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Low Brake Fluid Makes the Brake Light Comes On and Off

If the brake warning lights come on and off while driving, the possible reason is that that the car has low brake fluid. Because there is a sensor located on the top of the fluid reservoir that causes the brake warning light to go on when the brake fluid low or level is below the minimum.

Low Brake Fluid

When there is slightly low brake fluid or below the minimum requirement, there is still a tendency that the fluid touches the sensor especially when the car runs on humps or a dip which causes the fluid to touch the sensor which resulted from warning light coming on and off, because the fluid will slosh to the sensor.

Possible cause of brake warning light that comes on and off

Low brake fluid or brake fluid level is slightly low.

How to fix brake warning lights that come on and off
To fix this problem, since the car has low brake fluid you have to add enough amount of brake fluid in the reservoir. Open the hood of the car and locate the brake fluid reservoir. Usually, it is located above the brake master cylinder.

Low Brake Fluid

High-Quality brake fluid will do, usually DOT3 or DOT 4. When adding the amount of brake fluid never leaves the reservoir open for a longer period because it can cause the brake fluid to become contaminated with moisture coming from the air and may cause more problems. Also never allow the brake fluid to make contact with the painted surface of your car because only a small amount of brake fluid can damage your car.

What Causes Brake Light on Dash to Stay on
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