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Steering Wheel Shakes When Driving

Do you know the reason why your steering wheel shakes when driving? The shaking happens especially while the car is running at a certain speed, usually at high speed. Two possible reasons are causing the shaking of the steering wheel. The first reason and the easiest to check is the imbalance front wheel. If the front wheel is balance the other reason is a loose front end parts.

Reasons why steering wheel shakes while driving 
1. Imbalance front wheel.
2. Loose front end parts.

Front-wheel imbalance is the most common reason for steering wheel shakes. Imbalance occurs because the weight of the wheel is not evenly distributed throughout the wheel, it means that there are some heavy spots on some portion of the wheel. Wheels are not perfect when manufactured some flaws occur on the wheel which includes the uneven weight distribution. Some portion of the wheel weight much heavier than other portions.

Now to correct the flaws a balancing weight which is called wheel weights is attached on the wheel when the wheel is assembled to compensate this unbalance before the wheel is installed on the car. However for some reason the wheel weights is detached from the wheel and if this happens the wheel will become imbalance again and will cause the wheel to rotate unevenly and creates vibration the vibration will be transmitted directly to the steering linkage up to the steering wheel which can be easily felt by you especially when are driving at a certain speed.

What to do to correct the front wheel imbalance?
Bring your car to a tire shop and ask the technician to balance the front wheel. Probably the technician will remove the wheel and put it to a balancing machine to balance the wheel. The technician will then attached wheel weights to the wheel to compensate for the imbalance.

Another reason which is not likely to happen for the steering wheel to shakes while driving is a loose front end parts. Usually, front end parts such as tie rod and ball joints are the one that is loose. If the car reaches a certain speed those loose parts will create vibration. The vibration will become extreme at higher speed and will be transferred to the steering column up to the steering wheel.

What to do when the car has loose front end parts?
Bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to check the front end components to determine which components are loose and repair or replace if necessary.

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  1. Yes i think u get it right. I am facing this kind of problem. When i went to the tire mechanincs, after a few dignose, it was my rim no more straight or fully round in shape. that cause the steering vibrate during certain speed. Thanks sir!


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