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Steering Wheel Shakes While Driving

Steering wheel shakes while driving a car the shaking is extremely noticeable, the  shakes in steering wheel happens especially at a certain speed.

Troubleshooting car problems of shaking steering wheel while driving

Shaking in steering wheel can cause by two possible reasons, first is the car suffers a front wheel imbalance or secondly the car suffers from a loose front end parts. Of the above causes mentioned the most common cause of steering wheel vibration problem is the imbalanced front wheel. The front wheel will become imbalance when the weight is not distributed evenly throughout the wheel this mean that some portion of the wheel have a heavy spots.

As you may not know tires have some flaws during manufacturing some portion weight much more than other portions of the tires that causes unbalance, when the wheel is assembled a “balancing” weight commonly called the wheel weights is attached to the wheel to compensate this unbalance before installing the wheel to a car, however when this balancing weight is detached to the wheel due to some reasons, it causes the wheel to rotate unevenly and vibration occurs, the vibration will then be transmitted directly to the steering linkage up the steering wheel in which can easily be felt by the driver especially at a certain speed.

The other reason of steering wheel shakes which is the loose front end happens when parts like tie rod and ball joints are loose, when the car reaches a certain speed the shaking becomes extreme and will be transferred to the steering column up to the steering wheel, however like what is mentioned above this kind of problem is not likely to happen.

Possible cause of steering wheel shakes while driving

Imbalance front wheel or loose front end parts.

How to fix shakes in steering wheel while driving

When vibration in steering wheel happened on your car the first thing to do is to have the front wheel balanced, usually this can fix the problem vibration on the steering wheel, if its still occurred after balancing then its time to seek the help of a mechanic to inspect the front end of the car because probably it was a loose front end parts that causes the vibration in steering wheel.

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  1. Yes i think u get it right. I am facing this kind of problem. When i went to the tire mechanincs, after a few dignose, it was my rim no more straight or fully round in shape. that cause the steering vibrate during certain speed. Thanks sir!


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