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Car Starts but Won't Stay Running

Car starts but wont stay running, initially it runs but stalls shortly. The possible reasons why the car won't stay running are a bad electric sensor or a faulty electric fuel pump.  

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If the car start but won't stay on especially when the engine is cold, this is because of a bad electric sensor. This usually happens on a fuel injection system car. There is a fault on one of the electronic sensors that causes the computer to not functioning properly, if the this happens the calculated amount of fuel the engine is needed will be affected. During cold weather the sensors is not sensing the cold outside temperature which cause the engine not getting enough amount of air/fuel ratio to keep the engine running on cold temperature.

But, if the car start and wont stay running even if the engine is not cold then the problem is a faulty electric fuel pump. Car with fuel injection system has electric fuel pump, the fuel pump is working when there is a whirring sound that can be heard on the pump. If the pump do not produce whirring sound then it is possible that the pump is faulty if this is the case then the pump will not provide the engine with enough fuel to keep it running after starting.
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Possible cause why car runs but won't stay running

Bad electric sensor, Faulty electric fuel pump

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How to fix problem of car that wont stay running

In either case, bring the car to a reputable ca repair shop, asks the mechanic to check both the electric sensor and the electric fuel pump to confirm the problem. In determining if the car sensor is faulty, hooked up the car to an engine analyzer. Replace the sensor if it is faulty, usually no more than one sensor is faulty. If the problem is a faulty electric fuel pump, likewise just replace the pumps to fix the problem. Replacing the pump is simple job depending on where it is located.

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