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A Well Maintained Car Help Lower Your Insurance Rates

 Lower Your Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates are based on several different factors, but they all have one thing in common. Everything that determines your car insurance costs depends on your potential risk of having to file a claim while you are covered. A good maintenance routine can cut down on your chances of being involved in an accident due to a mechanical problem while you are driving.

You can save money on your insurance rates by keeping a safer driving record due to the good condition of your car. You can also save money directly through special incentives that some insurance companies offer for people who can prove that they are taking good care of their vehicles. Keep your maintenance receipts and ask your agent if your insurance company offers any type of discount for drivers with good maintenance records.

Discover Potential Problems Early
Car engines experience heat and friction every time you turn the key. Many of the engine parts are made of materials that break down slowly over time and use. Having your car inspected for possible wear and tear problems will allow you to replace or repair those parts before they have a chance to surprise you while you are driving. Your mechanic will be able to see if a belt or a hose is starting to wear down and needs replacement. Changing the oil regularly will prevent a buildup of debris that can clog up your system. It is much safer to discover a problem when the car is in the shop than to find that something is wrong while you are on the highway.

 Increased Safety Means Fewer Claims
When you prevent mechanical failure, you also prevent situations that could cause damage to you or your vehicle. A single accident can raise your insurance rates considerably. Anything you do to avoid a potential accident will save you money on your car insurance in the long run. Many insurance companies offer special discounts for drivers who do not need to file a claim over three consecutive years. Regular maintenance can play a big part in keeping your car safe and free from accidents during that time.

Special Discounts for Good Maintenance
Most large car insurance companies offer specific discounts for drivers who can prove that they follow the manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule for their cars. If you keep all of your maintenance receipts and follow all of the manufacturer's suggestions for oil changes, transmission flushes, tire rotations, and other normal maintenance issues, you may qualify for a percentage off your regular insurance rates. Insurance companies are happy to provide an incentive to keep you safe and reduce your risk of filing an insurance claim.

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