Is Your Car Giving You a Bouncy Ride? Here's What to Do

The car feels somewhat bouncy even when running at smooth flat road. Some think that a bouncy ride from their car is caused by a weak suspension but it’s not. This problem is often caused by a weak shock absorber or a weak strut cartridge.

As may not know the suspension system is consisting of two major components namely the shocks and the spring, these components can either be integrated with one another or separated from each other depending on the design. When these two major components are integrated with one another it is called the strut. The shock on this kind of system is called the strut cartridge, the principle for both systems is that the spring will absorb the irregularities of the road like road undulation, a dip or bump and the shock or the strut cartridges prevents the spring from bouncing back and forth for a longer time.

Now, since the car ride is bouncy this only means that the shock has a problem or in case of strut the strut cartridges have a problem, these are because the spring keeps bouncing and can be felt by the driver and the passenger.

Possible cause of bouncy ride from your car
Problem on shock or Strut cartridges.

How to fix the bouncy ride
To fix this kind of problem the first thing to do is to know what kind of suspension your car has, whether the car has shock or strut. Usually car suspension is made of the strut, however, there is also a car that is using strut on the front and shocks on the rear in any case you should determine what type of suspension has to provide the best solution.

When to Replace Shocks and Struts
When to replace shocks and struts? if your car encounters front end dives when applying the brakes then it means front shocks or front strut is faulty.Learn more: When to Replace Shocks and Struts

Now, observe where the bouncy portion is, is it coming from rear suspension or the front suspension. It is important that you know where the bouncy portion is, after you locate the problem, replace the shock or strut where the bouncy ride occurs. Usually replacing these parts will fix the problem. The car often has a replaceable strut cartridge so better check your car if there is no need to replace the strut assembly.

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