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Car Makes Grinding Noise in Reverse

Car Makes Grinding Noise in Reverse

When backing up the car makes grinding noise in reverse. During shifting into a reverse gear a grinding sound is heard coming from the transmission.

When shifting into gear the transmission is disconnected from the engine upon stepping on the clutch pedal. The same with shifting into reverse gear. Now, during shifting, if the clutch is not fully released when the clutch pedal is depressed the gears inside the transmission will clash this clashing of gears produce grinding sound. However, not all grinding sound that is heard during shifting is because of nit fully depress the clutch pedal, there may be other cause of grinding sound that because of the complexity of transmission it can only be determined through a thorough inspection by a qualified professional. see also: Grinding Noise When Shifting

The possible reason why a car makes grinding noise in reverse
In the meantime, in the absence of actual transmission inspection, we can say that the only possible cause of the problem is that the clutch not fully releasing.
Clutch not fully releasing

How to fix grinding noise when shifting in the reverse
We recommend bringing your car to a reputable auto repair shop specializes in transmission repair. Ask the mechanic to look into the clutch linkage, usually this might be just a simple adjustment to correct the problem on not fully releasing clutch, if the mechanic suggested to pull down the transmission, do not agree seek first a second opinion from a different auto repair shop, if another repair shop told you that it is necessary to pull down the transmission then have it pulls down.

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